grog and bits

Commission for an engaged couple who wanted to be depicted as their superhero counterparts, Grog and Bits.
(also a midway comic featuring their two cats Moz and Noodles):

And here's one of my upcoming projects, Henry's Forest.


this might be the last one.. i planned more but i can't be arsed and i know that's not good of me but i think i've tested the brushes successfully and the story could easily end here


Space Adventure & new brushes

I got some exciting Series 7 Winsor & Newton brushes and they're brilliant, i feel very professional. I used them to ink the title to this blog and the following:

These are my characters for a space adventure comic. Animal, human and robot are the main things i think you need in any comic, but these three must travel through space in search of intelligent life exploring many varied planets and solar-systems.

Abandoned Book Cover

This was going to be a cover for a book i was attempting to make featuring a variety of characters in different stories. It didn't really take off... but i'm using a few of those characters in a different project that i'm more enthused about.

T-shirt Design

First attempt at making a t-shirt

After i washed this t-shirt the ink seeped and mixed and it was ruined, oh well.
Also HELLO this is the first post in my, hopefully, professional looking blog. YES.