wanted to do the same kind of drawing as my t-shirt design, but in colour. So i just did it, man



^^^ First attempt. The quote is a bit lame looking back on it... i don't really like quotes in general. Most don't hold up under much scrutiny. Anyway, its all part of the task/brief.

^^^ Second slightly more successful attempt. Better quote too. It's from one of my favourite films, "The Man With Two Brains"


first and last project

This might not make complete sense, so i'm going to work on some accompanying illustrations to explain other parts of the planet's life.


new planet, yet to be named

^^^ For new "First and Last" project. I'm doing the birth and death of a planet, lots of firsts and lasts in there. Going to do some more maps and big double page diagram/science book type stuff like this.

^^^^ some beetle warrior characters, for fun
and here are some creature maps that i don't think work so well:



cat and neil

this was just an experiment, was thinking of making it a really long comic, but I basically just came up with the panel layout then made up what was going on in each panel as i went along and then lost interest so you'll never find out what the cat has spotted :-| oh and the title is jibberish too. Look forward to me drawing something with worthwhile content at somepoint in the future