final batch...

Could have definitely finished with more of a bang, but it makes me laugh. In retrospect i really wish i'd thought of page ideas much earlier on so i could refine them, the pages that really work were just inspired on the spot creations, very few pages had the amount of time spent on them that they deserved. A couple of wrong decisions produces a page like the relationships page that i think just doesn't work. Still... off to the printers now


Here's pages 7 to 11:

I'm really pleased with the first page of this batch. Border-less and colourful it just works for some reason. Tried my best to intersperse text with image and i think this page is a triumph in that respect. The second to last image was supposedly going to be a Chris Ware-type very complex and mathematically laid out image, but this was the last page I did at 4:00 in the morning so there are reasons for it's simplicity. I wanted to shove in more information but that could have ruined the balance of the page.


I'll spread this out, but I've finally finished my LARP project. I didn't really update as I was making it as time was a bit short and i was drawing around the clock. Anyway here are the first bunch of pages.

Pretty pleased with these one. Would like to revise the title page things, as they seem a bit unnecessary in retrospect, another fault on my behalf with time planning. The Gouache coloured page is a nice variation and a bit of a show off page really, yet still informative. The contents page works better on the page black and white i fear... although my colour sense isn't really developed it doesn't seem to work as it is. And i constnalty change my mind about the first page, my girlfriend says it looks professional though.


another cover idea

Here it is B&W ^^^

^^ Here is a direction i didn't take. Took me flipping ages, but in the end the no-lines look is a inferior to the normal version. Still thought i'd put this up to show the general effort and trial and error that comes with almost everything.

^^ final piece

spera page two

Second and last Spera page, i think i put a link to the website one post down. go look at it.


cover ideas

Quick and simple cover idea for LARP guide book. Just playing around with limited colours, in this case one colour, and bolder images, something that will stand out.


Also not related to "LARP" project, but is similar in a way as it is fantasy. This is page one of a two page part I am doing for the online multi-illustrator comic SPERA:

not related to college project




I decided to start creating my own LARP universe to accompany a narrative studying the life of a real world LARPer. Mainly because if i'm doing the journalistic illustrator thing so i need a creative outlet, but they also compliment each other pretty well. So this is the Mappa Mundi above here, and below is my plan for my version, it's not as similar as I had first intended, but i like how it turned out, i also intend to do more maps, better thought out and with hidden easter eggs and codes and more labels detailing the universe.