NOVEMBER! The best month. My birthday is the 23rd (tomorrow) and you can see the small chubby version of me on the calendar there. 


Travel penny!

Little five part strip (last long strip i'm going to do for a while now) for a uni project. We had to make 5 books for 5 pounds and each strip makes a tiny concertina with a 50p coin on either side so it all adds up to £5. 

I realise the penny in the story isn't a 50p coin and also looks a bit more like a pound coin, but apart from that I hope you all enjoy it!

                       Here are some photos of the tiny coin concertinas:



This was for a sequences project at university. For the red I actually used a "Wet Erase Chalk Marker" so thats why the scan is a little funky in parts. It looks a bit better in real life i might upload a photo of it all lined up on a wall at some point.

So let me know if the story makes any sense, I told myself I couldn't use any words and relied entirely on SYMBOLISM and stuuuff. It works in some places and fails in others.