coat of arms

Some more LARP work. That man is this is sort of based on Skip the lead character/person in the fantastic documentary, "Darkon". This is a coat of arms that juxtaposes the real and fantasy world, something I may well revisit. I really want to draw an evil character's coat of arms, which i could also base on Kenyon, another LARPer featured in "Darkon". Anyway here are some coat of arms i found googling, they're great:



Not entirely pleased with any of these, apart from the b&w symbols i think they could work in multiple forms (badges, t-shirts, posters etc). I'm not sure why I always go all gruesome when I'm stuck for ideas, but I'm not entirely sure that gore is completely inkeeping with the sensibilities of all LARPers... probably some of them though, need to have an in-depth chat with a LARPer at some point.



Basically the same idea as ARCANE BRILLIANCE (which i drew a few weeks ago) but more focus on the mundane than the fantastic. I like how the colours turned out