demons! be gone!

Another fantasy piece related to the LARP project (FMP). I like the simplicity of this, trying to be more illustrator-y. I read some of the YCN annual 2010 the other day in the waiting area for an interview at Brighton university and some of the stuff in there is really great. Especially the work of Andy J Miller and Scott Balmer really appealed to me.



this piece is for final major project "LARPing". This is more WoW (world of warcraft) than it is LARP, but having watched the wicked documentary MONSTER CAMP (trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tobGvjez9x0 ) i know that the two go hand in hand.

I really did this piece just to see where I could go from here, this image is sort of my immediate reaction to the task and works as a good starting point. Already I can see a ton of things i need to improve upon. It's also my attempt at telling a story with a single image, I'd like to simplify it a bit for starters. Anyway here are the inks aswell:

i looked up all the spells, they're all authentic apart from "water rush" which i made up just to include an extra element


working working

Some character sketches and dinosaur sketches for a comic I'm planning at the moment. It's going to be a dinosaur/adventure/mystery type thing. Sort of "Famous Five" but with dinosaurs and more up to date. This is just a side project. I am now, and have been, doing a lot of research into LARP (live action role play) for my Final Major Project (FMP) for college. Also been looking at D&D and some of the pretty insane art that stems from that (click for bigger) :


MORE concrete island stuff, and some dinosaurs

"The best thing about photoshop is that you can change your mind indefinitely. The worst thing about photoshop is that you can change your mind indefinitely" - Someone


Finished first big part of minicomic, here's my favourite page