keep pounding

^^^ Scrap.

^^^ did this during a life drawing class. It's on the back of a paperback book, "To The Vanishing Point" by Alan Dean Foster.

this stuff is for a uni project on SEMIOTICS, my good buddy theo and I chose five words from a list: Mutation, Violence, Reproduction, Desire and Entrapment

^^^ The drawing of garfield and bart simpson were drawn by Matt Furie and Aiyana, respectively. I got them to draw it in my sketchbook during my trip to SAN FRANCISCO which was amazing. I long for the sunny bays and quadruple burgers often.



^^ Front cover for a the comic i've been working on. This is the main reason i haven't updated in so long. It shall at some point be published (24 pages) by BLANK SLATE. I'm very excited about it.

^^^ This stuff is all for an EXPERIMENTAL uni project. I took a shine to acrylic, so I did a bit of that. Painting random shapes onto cardboard and then drawing into them.

^^^ Also trying out pixelart. This is literally the first pixel character I've ever made and I'm very proud of him. Think I might call a future comic "Space Dingus"



work work work

^^ Left over from "Numb3rs" project for uni. If anyone wants a go at colouring this properly just send me an email: goodbyemrchips@gmail.com

^^ Not sure if i'm allowed to post this, so i just won't say what it is or what it is for.

^^ Short comic for my Dad's birthday about our cat Ozzy and his weight problems.

^^ Blew up a smaller sketch page, will do another post of loads of pages from my sketchbook soon