This was for a sequences project at university. For the red I actually used a "Wet Erase Chalk Marker" so thats why the scan is a little funky in parts. It looks a bit better in real life i might upload a photo of it all lined up on a wall at some point.

So let me know if the story makes any sense, I told myself I couldn't use any words and relied entirely on SYMBOLISM and stuuuff. It works in some places and fails in others.


Nick Azar said...

I'm a huge fan of all your work. This piece is amazing. I think it's very truthful depiction of an artist's struggles.
Thanks for sharing!

Pete Thomas said...

The way you've captured the struggle and the desperation felt by the artist is so clear. Its really good. If an artist makes art in the forest and no one sees it..

Chris Zammit said...

wow your work is amazing, holy shit! love it all :)

Quentin said...

it's fun and psychedelic