T-shirts and open mics

^^^ Two t-shirt designs for SNOB MOB (available soon)

^^^ For an open mic night put on at the Blind Tiger in Brighton by RosieBrand


thomalouest said...

really cool! also the banned!

Sarah said...

These are AWESOME! I especially like the second t-shirt design! :)

Oscar Devonian said...

Is it true? Does a blue, multi-breasted, tentacled warrior funded by the illuminati watch over us all as he waits to deal out cosmic judgement at the coming of Armageddon?

I, for one, hope so. It gives me a lot of existential comfort.

(And if I go to heaven I'd like to think I get carried up in that bug-piloted organic mech suit, and meet those axe-weilding beasties in the last design up there.)

LAP$ said...

good shit yo

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